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Better and smarter integration Civil 3D and Vault

Better and smarter integration Civil 3D and Vault


There is a list of functions and problems/possibilities what we facings when working with Vault and Civil 3D:

1. Better Used/Where used list usage.

When we try check out dwg with DREFed surface inside it take and analyze all chain.

Sometimes it can be 2000 files instead of taking only Corridor file where all information stored only.

As result of it we have check out for 30 min. It do some queries analyze the data when some problems found in long chain.

It not understand Xref is Attach or Overlay. 

2. Check in improvement.

When we check in file with Civil 3D and move files from one folder to another folder or rename, uses list is updated only in Vault, but Xref  path in DWG not. All works ok if you check in using AutoCAD.

3. API improvements. 

When team thinking about some new features for Civil 3D standard xml project, please think about Vault as well.

The new possibilities such add Dref using API is really supper, but we need this possibility with Vault projects as well.


Thank you




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