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Best laptop for using Civil 3d

Best laptop for using Civil 3d



I'm looking to purchase a reliable laptop to use AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3d. I'll be using civil 3d to create design surfaces over sites which rarely exceed 1-3ha in area. Could anyone please advice on decent laptops for this use? 

I was hoping something with the below specs might cut it as anything else I've seen is extremely expensive and I'm just starting out in my consulting work. 


Thanks in advance for any advice. 



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@ben.errity62ZDC, you posted in the Ideas forum. This forum is for Ideas to improve teh Civl 3D program.


You will get a better response to this question by posting in the Civil 3D forum. 

(You can click "Report" and ask the moderator to move this to the Civil 3D forum.)

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