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Be Able to Set Code Set Style by Viewport

Be Able to Set Code Set Style by Viewport

I tend to work on smaller projects and often create drawings with several viewports on one Paperspace Sheet.  I need the ability to vary the Corridor Style Set by Viewport such that I can illustrate the Corridor in 'Plan View' in one window, in 'Hatched' style on another, in 'Shading' style on another, etc.  At the moment, I have to change the style manually across different Paperspace Sheets which is time consuming and reliant on my poor memory!

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Peter Funk

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The Viewport Setting and Preferences dialog allows you to apply visual presets, customize a user-defined preset, and set preferences for either individual or all currently displayed viewports. Note: This dialog is available when running Nitrous displays only. Topics in this section. Per-View Presets.

A viewport is a term for the visible area of a [web page] on a display device. It is used in both code and analog design as a way to refer to the display screen and how layout fits into that screen.

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