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BaseLine with a <None> profile

BaseLine with a <None> profile

Civil 3D should allow us add a BaseLine with an alignment without a profile (optional).

Sometimes my Regions for that BaseLine is just a single subassembly which ignore the elevations of the design profile because I use Elevations targets to get a slope or position for a point.

So when we create a corridor (create corridor dialog box) and it creates the first BaseLine as an alignment, the combobox for "Profile" should have an option called: None as when we select a label style which we can choose <None>.

If the user wants a profile later for that BaseLine, the user could do it choosing another profile editing the BaseLine in the corridor Properties (parameters tab)


So, when we create an alignment, internally Civil 3D should create a profile called <None> with grade 0% and elevation 0.

A lot of times I have to create a surface profile (existing terrain) or create a layout profile (which I dont use it) for my BaseLine.

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For example, a BaseLine could have a property called "Default layout profile" where you type a start grade (for the alignment start station) and and you type also a start elevation (for the alignment start station)

You could define a default layout without creating a layout profile on a Profile view. This profile won´t be drawn in the Profile view.

If you select "None profile" then it uses that default layout profile.

In my case, it would be "start elevation"=0, start grade =0%

If you select a profile in the combobox, then that profile overrides this "default" profile.

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