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Automatic volume surface from grading with cut (or fill) only options

Automatic volume surface from grading with cut (or fill) only options

It would great if there was a way to generate a volume surface automatically from a grading and to have the option for that volume surface to only be generated for cut areas, or only for fill areas, or of course both. 


A typical job for me is to create an EG surface, create a grading, create a grading infill, create a volume surface, do a surface analysis, tweak the surface analysis to hide fill areas (or excess infill), finally leaving me with a visualisation of the cut area (see pics below). That's quite a few steps. I set my grading criteria projection to be cut only, but that doesn't help me when I go to infill the grading as the infill will go beyond the cut area. So I'd have to do some more work to obtain the cut/fill boundary, then use this to contain my infill - too many steps.

What I would like to do is:


Set up my grading group by ticking some new CUT ONLY, AUTO INFILL and CREATE VOLUME SURFACE check boxes.

Then all I'd need to do is do the grading and straight away see the cut only grading. Straight from Step 1 to Step 2 below.


It would be nice if the volume surface was also nested in below the grading surface in the prospector.

I hope this is clear ?

- Mick

Grading cut only.png




Try using the grading volume tools that are already built into the product.. A lot people dont use them.


But they allow you ro see volumes without creating a surface.


Make sure you have a "base Volume Surface" specified in the grading group. Then go into the tools on the grading panel.. You can specify individual panels/ raise lower the whole group.. No in plan display though...






grading volumes tools.png



Thanks for the tip - yes I use that when I can, but often I need to visualise the volume surface, so doesn't always help.

The idea posted above is more about being able to have a smart infill that uses the same criteria as the main grading. So if I'm grading to a surface, the the infill should also extend to that same surface.

Currently I have to extract a contour at the right elevation, convert to a featureline and use that as my boundary. It's not dynamic and it's a pain to do everytime I change a design depth.


- Mick

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