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Automatic Road Design

Automatic Road Design

Add a simple tool called "Automatic Road Design" . Like SDRMAP software.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hi @MWT2003. Would you please elaborate on what (specifically) you are requesting? At a glance, SDRMAP looks like it has a number of features. Would you please let us know what part you'd like to see in Civil 3D?


HI @TimYarris ,

In route design, by determining the maximum slope and mandatory points for crossing the route, a preliminary view of the final design can be obtained. This feature can be very effective in determining the initial route corridor. In short, it will be possible to cross the route according to the given standards and mandatory points, at first glance.


@MWT2003  I understand. Thank you for your explanation. We have been researching horizontal and vertical route optimization tools that could help satisfy this requirement.

As an example of similar technology, we recently released Grading Optimization for Civil 3D. While this clearly does not satisfy the roadway design use case you have identified, it is an example of a workflow we implemented to intelligently design an object based on predefined constraints. 

The roadway design case is on our longer-term roadmap.

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