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Automatic Penpendicular featureLine in a corridor.

Automatic Penpendicular featureLine in a corridor.

To generate a fill cone in the start/end station of a bridge (I don´t know how you say it in english), I draw a featureLine with the elevations of the corridor and another FL which is the footprint of the EG. Then I add both FL as breaklines in a new surface.


I saw that PowerInroads has a semi-automatic way to do this.


So, it would be interesting in Civil 3D an object (maybe "perpendicular corridor featureLines") to create them.


For example:

The idea is based on the "slope patterns" of a corridor  (slope patterns tab in the corridor properties) where you must select 2 code points to define the slope pattern.

In this case, you also select 2 code points (generally the Daylight code on the left side and on the right side) to determine the start and end station of this new FL (dynamic FL).


To avoid complications, I propose this only for Corridor Regions, where you select if you want the start or end station of the selected corridor Region.

This way, this new FL is linked to a corridor Region. If the Region is erased (or you change the assembly for that Region), then this FL is converted to static.


We could select from a list (code points of the selected assembly in the Region), which code points we want to add elevation points in this new FL.

Elevation points will be always updated.


For example, this new FL would be the highlithed FL in the picture below:






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