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Automatic Infill Gradings

Automatic Infill Gradings

If I create an Infill Grading for a residential building pad, and the surrounding lot itself, and then draw a Feature Line as breakline through the rear of the lot to create a swale, the Infill Grading is currently split, and leaves a gap where my lot is no longer graded.


The same holds true for when I do a stepped-offset for my building pad (at finished floor elevation), as we only grade to 8" below finished floor, there's now a 0.10 gap in my surface that is a PITA to go back and Infill.


If there exists an Infill Grading, and a Feature Line is drawn/added as breakline through said Infill, then the result should be two (or more) Infill Gradings - not a hole in the resultant Surface.





I also hate having to add points to my design surface, just to be able to get the tin to triangulate to get rid of the hole that are shown...


While we're at it, why must we specify a point between two closed Feature Lines?


We *should* have the option to select two closed Feature Lines (one within the other), and simply create an Infill grading, no?

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