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Automatic elevation on the basis of profile intersections

Automatic elevation on the basis of profile intersections

Update 2019.2 appeared the long-awaited feature for displaying the intersection with the alignments on the profile. But it's not functional enough. The main thing you need when working with the profile is to work with elevation points. Label the intersection can not be linked to the profile, or surfaces. Without this feature, it is more convenient to design autocad blocks. Tracks can intersect in several places. And the level only one and it is MANUAL.


I think you need to add level options on the profiles as it is done for other projections.



Internet translator helps me. I hope the mistakes are not many 🙂

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As usual, a new tool done and it is done just 50%...

Bravo Autodesk.

I am wondering what were you doing during 6 months after 2019.1 ...

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