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Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS "List" Property Sets and Cogo Point Description Label Options

Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS "List" Property Sets and Cogo Point Description Label Options



I would like to propose adding Cogo Point\Label Style Composer\Text Component editor functionality extended to Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS Point Features imported into Civil 3D that are in List Format. Often times AGOL content is set up for field collection so Lists make it easier for the field person to specify the object type consistently. I have found that upon connecting to ArcGIS Online content via the ArcGIS Connector, it imports fine, creates the Property Sets as Lists when needed, but this kind of Property Set is not available in the Cogo Point Label Style Composer\Text Component editor?



This is super important to add to a future patch in Civil 3D. Lists are integral to GIS so we need to be able to point to them as a cogo label style.



Status changed to: Gathering Support

@Mike.M.Carlson We are adding property mapping where users can map the necessary GIS attributes to desired C3D properties or Property sets or UDPs. This feature is planned to be released in C3D 2024.2 soon. Can you please check it out and let us know if that helps your workflow?


I will certainly check it out! Thanks!


It would be great if there was better documentation on the property mapping that's been added in 2024.2.  What's on the site isn't very clear.  Possibly a short video to show how to setup the mapping would be beneficial?

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