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AutoCAD: new object snap: perpendicular to another segment (with "tracking ray")

AutoCAD: new object snap: perpendicular to another segment (with "tracking ray")

Currently, AutoCAD has the "Perpendicular" object snap.

this works fine if you type a length or you want to find the intersection point.

However, in this case, you can´t see the dashed Ray to track the direction.


With the "Parallel" object snap, we can take the direction of a segment if we put the cursor on that segment, so then we will track that direction in the dashed Ray.


The behaviour of this new object snap "Perpendicular to another segment" would work as a "Parallel" object snap, although the result direction would be "direction+180º"


This way, you would be able to track the perpendicular direction to another segment with a dashed ray.




Moreover, the "Perpendicular" object snap should be 2 "objects snaps".


-Perpendicular from previous segment.

-Perpendicular to another segment.


Sometimes, if you are creating perpendicular segments from the previous segments and your cursor is anchored to another segment, then you lose that behaviour and you can´t carry on adding perpendicular segments in your polyline.


In fact, AccuDraw in MicroStation makes perpendicular directions from the previous segment.





Here is the scenario when the perpendicular (from the previous segment) is skipped if your cursor is anchored to another entity and it finds the perpendicular.


Later you cannot carry on doing perpendicular from the previous segment.


perpendicular object snap.gif


This is the reason why the perpendicular object snap should be splitted to 2 object snaps.




You can start drawing Perpendicular from a Parcel Segment (first point), but cannot snap Perpendicular to another Parcel Segment , even it is parallel to the first?!


Building on this, Civil 3D has a larger, systemic issue with intentionally, and selectively precluding OSNAPs for Civil 3D Objects since being released, which is kind of ridiculous... Each-and-every-single Civil 3D Object *should* be able to be used in OSNAP acquisition.


It's almost like Autodesk forgot? to implement GetOrthoProjectedCurve(), GeometryOverrule, etc. to return Intersection, Tangent, Perpendicular, etc. 


Not sure why they'd go out of their way to make the product less functional, but it is currently (less functional than it should be).




As example:


Consider a Profile View that has two Profiles - a 'PVI-based 'proposed' Profile, and an 'existing' Surface sample Profile.


Draw a Line specifying first point as any location not residing on one of the Profiles, and for second point specification, snap Perpendicular to the 'proposed' Profile, or even a Profile View grid line for that matter. Nope; doesn't work, so specify any second point also not residing on one of the Profiles. Now try Extending/Trimming said line about the 'proposed' Profile - it also doesn't work.


Let's try the same for the 'existing' Profile - drawing a line from 'space' Perpendicular to the 'existing' Profile - it does work. Now try Extending/Trimming said line about the 'existing' Profile - it also does work.


There's a clear disconnect with OSNAPs in every version of Civil 3D that is long overdue to be fixed.




Also, FWIW -;nowap






@peterfunkautodesk - 


Given this:


ModeEnd = 1
ModeMid = 2
ModeCenter = 3
ModeNode = 4
ModeQuad = 5
ModeIns = 7
ModePerpendicular = 8
ModeTangent = 9
ModeNear = 10


Please have the Civil 3D development team fully implement ObjectSnapModes.ModePerpendicular (Perpendicular), and ObjectSnapModes.ModeEnd + ObjectSnapModes.ModePerpendicular (Tangent).






MicroStation has a shortcut AccuDraw called "RE" (Rotation Element), where we can take the direction of another segment.

We can do this with "parallel" snap in Civil 3D but we cannot do the opposite perpendicular.

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