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AutoCAD: more types for line and circle

AutoCAD: more types for line and circle

circle command needs a new type: "Tangent, point, tangent" in case that the Radius is unknown.


If we have 2 lines and we want to draw a circle which is tangent with them but we unknow the Radius we want, simply we pick a through pass point.


In the case of "Line" or "polyline", it is needed a new type called "Continue" as we can do in the arc.

In this case, to add a new arc tangent with the last segment of the polyline.


I admit that I can do this in MicroStation very easily with Tangent Point Snap.



The option "tan,tan,tan", also means that we can pick a point (not necessary on an element).


Hello, Check out all of the options that Smart Draft has available for your question already set up in routines to do just what you are looking to utilize in your drawings. Ask for Rex Cooper and he will show you the most productive way to get it done. I've been using it for the past 20 years with great success.  Thanks Randolph Leighton, Senior Civil Design Engineer

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Buenos dias Joan,


No se trata de el tema del hilo però he intentado bajarme los archivos que colgaste para el "Muestreo de una obra lineal" y no me ha sido posible. 


No se si podrias volver a colgar-los. A traves de MediaFire no puedo.


Gracias i un saludo.




As I see it, you are suggesting an improvement to a core AutoCAD functionality, not a Civil 3D functionality.


This is a forum for Civil 3D Ideas. It is very unlikely that the core AutoCAD team will ever see this thread, much less react or respond to it. I have been told by active, respected forum participants, with high badge levels, that the Civil 3D Ideas Forum is monitored by the Civil 3D team; I will accept this on faith as I have seen absolutely no evidence of any monitoring over the last several years. 


Your idea is better suited to the nonexistent core AutoCAD Ideas Forum.


Unfortunately, ADESK chooses to depend on the external AUGI Wish List ( for AutoCAD ideas. I find the AUGI Wish List system to be unnecessarily complicated, at best.

Alternately, you can you can post an idea in the ADESK Product Feedback page. (

I have been told that all feedback posts are at least read by an Autodesker. 

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