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AutoCAD: Layer Properties Manager needs more functions.

AutoCAD: Layer Properties Manager needs more functions.

I think that layer properties manager MUST have a column called "element" as we can see in Microstation with its "Level Manager".

This is a fast way to recognize empty layers without using a Purge command.

In Microstation, in the "Design File Settings"->Locks, if we enable "lock level", it just select elements which belongs to the active level. For example, if we do "select all" and the active level has 3 elements, we will see those 3 elements highlighted.

In AutoCAD, maybe we can do with "SelectSimilar" and choosing the layer. (selecting by layer).

But I would like to do this directly from the Layer Properties Manager. I mean, if we do right-click on the layer´s name, I would like to see  a contextual menu with the option "select elements of the layer".



I don't understand your idea entirely. However I think part of it is having a way to see which layers are in use. If so, Autocad DOES have that. See the attached screen caps.Capture1.JPGCapture.JPG


Yes, you are right. I didn´t remember it.


Mi idea is about how many elements has a particular layeer without using: SelectSimilar command. Directly a count in the layer description.

An a fast way to select the elements of a particular layer doing right click on the layer´s name. This would be faster than doing "selectsimilar" every time.

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