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AutoCAD Drawing Regen activity

AutoCAD Drawing Regen activity

  • Civil 3D and other drawings can sometimes be large collections of data requiring a significant and/or frustrating amount of time to regen.
  • Currently, when the system variable "TEXTSIZE" is set by any means that action will force a regen even though REGENAUTO is "OFF".  The regen is begun without any prompts or messages leaving the user to wonder what has "locked up" his/her drawing if they did not issue the SETVAR command directly.
  • Idea:
    (1) Remove the forced regen from happening in this circumstance; or,(2) Add a message that informs the user what is happening (but do not require interaction unless that requirement can be toggled off at least for the duration of the session or until toggled on again).

(SETVAR "TEXTSIZE" ...) causes a silent regen

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I couldn't find how to edit this idea so a comment may help.

Idea: Just have (SETVAR "TEXTSIZE" ...) honor the REGENAUTO setting.

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