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Auto pan and zoom for modelspace viewports

Auto pan and zoom for modelspace viewports

I am currently looking at a design file, with two modelspace viewports.  One is showing the plan view and the other is displaying the associated profile view.  As I pan and zoom along the alignment to check the design I am constantly switching to the profile view and panning it also to keep up.  I can use the Station Tracker to identify where the cursor is in both views, but I want more.


If I use the pan command in the plan view then the profile viewport should also pan to keep the relevant portion in view.  If I zoom the plan then the profile viewport should update to display the appropriate length of profile.


When I pan or zoom in the profile view then the behaviour of the plan viewport would be similar.  Whatever station is currently at the middle of the profile view would be centered in the plan view, at the same zoom factor.


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