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Attach a Label to a Profile

Attach a Label to a Profile

I know we can add label styles and sets to a profile. However, it would nice to be able to attach a label to a profile thru the Add Labels Box. So as the Profile updates / moves, so does the label.

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Yes, Have been wanting this for years. I would be great to be able to slide it along the profile similar to a contour label and have a dragged state. That would be simple and dynamic.


I would have to agree! It could be like the regular station/elevation label for the profile view, but just attached to the profile itself. I have been accomplishing this currently 2 different ways and this would eliminate both those.


Current workflow is to add a station/elevation label but then just have to make sure it is updated properly. The other would be to add profile labels but limit the begin and end. This is not easy and depends on where the point is (or what type). This would create several labels, but still be "dynamic" if within certain parameters (i.e. station you want label doesn't leave that range). I haven't done this second method for a while so I am not completely sure how well this would work for a generalized case though.

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