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Associate a North Arrow in a block with a Viewport in a layout

Associate a North Arrow in a block with a Viewport in a layout

The dynamic north arrow/viewport association with Map via the Layout Tools tab is awesome!


I would like to see the same functionality in a dynamic block-style functionality. 


For instance, we have a standard titleblock here at out company. It has dynamic block parameters and actions for showing/hiding the scale bar, contour interval, north arrow, etc.. It also has a rotation parameter/action for the north arrow, but we have to set it manually. The way I set it now is to draw a line in the viewport with the ortho on, CHSPACE it to paper space, then line my north arrow up with that line.


If the north arrow was able to be associated with a viewport, and have it update as the viewport rotation changes, and vice versa (as the north arrow from the Layout Tools tab does), that would be amazing!


I used to rotate my north arrows the same way in our drawings.


I may be missing something here, but my template drawing set has viewports already created with a north arrow associated with the viewport in each layout.  When I rotate the view in modelspace, the north arrow rotates automatically.


I just found out by accident that if I rotate the north arrow, the associated view rotates to match.


Hello Jeff,


That does kind of sound like what I'm after. But what I am looking for is for the same/similar functionality using a block.


At our office, we use a block with attributes for our titleblock. We don't use a .dwt file. Maybe we should, but this is how we do it at the moment.


Thank you for your reply! : )

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