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Assign a profile (from LandXML file) to another alignment.

Assign a profile (from LandXML file) to another alignment.

I explain the following case:


You have a drawing file (dwg1) with an alignment.

You copy this drawing file, so you have (dwg2).


You create a layout profile for this alignment in dwg1.


Now, from dwg1 you export this profile (you must also export the alignment) to a LandXML file.


You open dwg2 drawing and import this LandXML file.


Immediately, CIVIL 3D creates a new alignment and its profile but you CAN'T assign this profile to the existing alignment.


In my opinion, C3D should allow us managing the importation of objects contained in a LandXML if we want to create a new alignment and its profile or directly the profiles to an existing alignment in the drawing if it is possible, I mean, if the length of the alignment is at least the same length of the profile.


Maybe there are others objects where we could also stablish this.




Or maybe a new command about creating a design profile from a LandXML file where the user can choose it from the LandXML wizard 


Or even within the same drawing file.




You select a layout profile from the ToolSpace (or from the profile view), then you press right button of the mouse to show the context menu: "Copy profile to alignment", and finally you select an alignment in the drawing to create automatically that layout profile in the selected alignment.


1) export the landxml of both dwg

2) Replace the alignment profile definition in the xml file using Notepad

3) import the landxml again



Yes, I knew that but what happens if you are already using that alingment in a corridor as a BaseLine.

Will I have to remove that Baseline in the corridor?. That is not serious...



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