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Assembly Builds - Surface Creation

Assembly Builds - Surface Creation

Here is a thought that maybe Autodesk can look into.

I know you can rename your point codes to anything you want to help create your surfaces in C3D, but is it possible to actually select the actual point code in the actually assembly and have the surface be drawn in your assembly prior to you rebuilding the corridor?


So basically drawing your surfaces in your assembly so you can see them (like looking at it in the section editor view) prior to building your corridor.   This way you know which points it is following exactly as your corridor is being built.  This would cut out the step in the corridor surface tab, where you build your surfaces by selecting the feature line codes to create the surface, here you would select the point codes in your assembly and it would auto populate your surfaces tab area for you, and yet still be able to see exactly where your surface will be in the assembly.


Food for thought maybe?


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