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'As Composed' Label Leader Justification

'As Composed' Label Leader Justification

We should be able to have Leader Justification turned off, regardless of an initial insertion of Middle Left, as example.


Currently, the above example requires that I either manually move the leader from left to right, or create a different Label Style altogether in order to have a 'Right' and a 'Left' Label which is just dumb.


MLeaders don't have this issue - you simply drag the MLeader to one side or the other, and the contents remain justified as specified in Properties Pane.




This just another illustration why reinventing the wheel with the advent of Labels, and the idiotic Modal Dialog UI, was a horrible idea... Particularly when you could have instead simply exposed Civil 3D Object Properties to the in-built FIELD Engine, for use with Text, MText, MLeader, Blocks, Dimensions, etc.

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My vote is specifically for the second part of that -- expose the C3D Obj Properties as FIELDS thta I can use in MTEXT & MLEADERS et al.

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