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arc entity closely 0 length

arc entity closely 0 length

There is an issue in Civil 3D with the length of arc entities in the alignments.


If we draw a fixed arc with 3 pass-through points, the length of the arc cannot be minor than 0.007 meters. Not 0.0001 meters for example.


If you draw a : 

floating curve with a spiral (from entity, radius, length) off a line.


And you only want the spiral, the curve cannot have a length minor than 0.007 meters.


And... where is the "floating spiral" directly in Civil 3D?



With fixed lines by 2 points, the length can be even 0.00001 meters, but we cannot do this for arc entities.


I have to wonder what is the purpose of such a small segment.  0.007m = 0.2756 inch.  To put that in perspective, we're talking about the size of a typical pencil eraser (the little round one found on most pencils -- not the ones you add later).


Well... basically is for my app:


Sometimes I want "invisible" entities, so if they have a length roughly 0, then I consider it "invisible".




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