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Anchor or Attach Surface Spot Elevations to Entity

Anchor or Attach Surface Spot Elevations to Entity

This would be nice to be able to attach Spot Elevations to a Feature Line / Line / or Polyline.


Typically, we Data Reference the Surface into our sheet file. Then we "COPY" the Spot Elevation Label "EVERYWHERE".


Problems we run into is when our Proposed Base file changes and have to go back and move / update / snap the spot elevations to the new location.


The idea "Parking lot Design"; is to draw a polyline around the face of curb. Then attach the Spot Elevation to Each vertex of the line. That way, if and when the surface moves. All you would have to do is drag the line and the spot elevations follow with it.


I think the better idea would be to Data Reference a Feature Line into the Grading Sheet. Then Attach the Spot Elevations to it. As you update your surface feature lines, so does the spot elevations that are in the Grading Sheet.


Just trying to think of easier ways to get these done. Specially when you are in a hurry to get a project out and "forget" to move the spots, this might help.

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