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Analyze Gravity Network - Grate Open Area Mapping

Analyze Gravity Network - Grate Open Area Mapping

Please allow ability to map open area value in AGN to custom part parameter in the part catalog, similar to the other parameters like grate length and width. When working on highway projects, if we swap a structure from a single grate to a double grate, the open area value doesn't change automatically in AGN and it becomes a QC issue to check all parts. 


Also, I believe the "Grate Open Area" is only used if it's a sag inlet and should be greyed out if it's on-grade.


Screenshot 2022-10-17 162350.jpgScreenshot 2022-10-17 162614.jpg


@TimYarris @Charlie.Ogden 


I've tested this a bit more and found that the field in AGN uses the standard Grate Open Area structure parameter and when the structure is swapped it resets to a default (2sf for me).  Surprisingly, it also writes back to the part parameter, similar to the other gutter parameters. Most of the prior request still stands in that I'd like to map to a custom parameter from the part catalog. In the mean time I'd also like to know, where do you set the default grate open area value nowadays? It appears that earlier versions of AGN you get to it in its general settings, (see screenshot below) and was where you set this but this is no longer visible in the current AGN settings panel. If we can no longer access the default, this is doubly in need of some love. 


Screenshot 2022-10-18 100413.jpg 


Current AGN settings window:

Screenshot 2022-10-18 101108.jpg

Status changed to: Under Review
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