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Allow users to vote on bug fixes

Allow users to vote on bug fixes

When deciding what bugs to fix in software, especially sotware as complicated as Civil 3D, it could be helpful to know how many users are wanting/needing this fix. Obviously not everyone logs onto forums like this, but with social media, we could help drive traffic to the bugs that we most want resolved.


I suggest creating a way to assign votes to bug fixes. With the idea station, we have an unlimited number of Kudos that we can assign. When it comes to allocating development teams to assigned tasks, there is a limited amount of resources available. Therefore I propose that the bug fix allocation be based on a set amount of points or dollars. I'm visualizing something similar to how AUGI allocates $500 of "wish cash" to allocate amongst the top 10 wish items.


Obviously I doubt we will ever see a list of all bugs and that isn't what I'm requesting. If the dev teams narrow down the list to those that are in contention for upcoming hof fixes or service packs, the users could assign points to the ones they feel are the most important to their line of work.


If it's easier to keep with the Kudo style of voting and unlimited votes isn't an issue, then create a list of the top 20 or so that are in the queue to be fixed and allow users to vote on the ones they feel most deserve the development hours to fix.

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My guess is easiest bug fix first and then back to IW360 and cloud centric offerings - kind of get the feeling civil 3d is the family member that nobody mentions anymore.

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