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Allow surface boundaries that don't actually close

Allow surface boundaries that don't actually close

I want to be able to use a featureline -- even if it doesn't close -- as a surface boundary.  I want to pick the featureline and tell it which side is INSIDE.  I think it would also be helpful to be able to choose between non-destructive or destructive boundary.


I have a parking lot that is adjacent to my roadway corridor.  I've created my parking lot surface using featurelines and grading objects.


I then created a composite FG surface into which I've pasted the two surfaces.  The parking lot has several grading objects that were used to "GRADE TO SURFACE" to find the EG surface.  Then there are a few areas where there is no daylight line -- the gaps are small enough that we wanted to just let it infill between them.


I've also extracted the daylight line from the corridor.


I'd like to use all of these daylight lines to create the boundary of my parking lot surface.  But I want it to all remain dynamic.  So that if for example, the corridor changes, the surface boundary will update.  Or if a parking lot daylight line changes, the surface will update.


If the surface "wants to triangulate somewhere" and there's no boundary line telling otherwise, it would just continue as normal.





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I have another use case where this would be EXTREMELY USEFUL.


I'm working on a parking lot with an entrance road.  The road was created using a corridor and has a surface.  Then I've got a BUNCH of individual featurelines (for the two retaining walls around the lot, the ditch that runs behind one of the walls (not parallel to the road), the curb and gutter at the other side of the lot and then grading objects/feature lines for Daylighting from the curb/walls. 


I pasted my corridor surface into a composite surface and added these feature lines to it as breaklines. 


I obviously don't want the contours to extend beyond the daylight lines.  But since I can't have ONE DAYLIGHT LINE that closes (and maintains dynamic link to it's source data), I have to explode the feature lines and generate a boundary from them.

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