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Allow me to toggle off the label override glyphs without turning off all others.

Allow me to toggle off the label override glyphs without turning off all others.

Introduced in 2017 SP1.1, when a label has a text override applied to it, the program displays a glyph on top of the label to inform the user that this particular label has been manually altered (which is a fantastic idea). Unfortunately, there is no way to turn these off for the labels alone. There is a setting to turn off all of the Solution Tips (that's what they are called in the Options dialog box on the AEC Editor tab) but that also turns off my alignment warnings, my pressure network warnings, my profile warnings, and my profile warnings. Also, this is a system settings, not even a drawing settings. If I want to see them in one drawing and not another, I can't do that.


My idea is to change the way this is done. I would recommend one of two methods:

  1. Use a grey background on the label component that's overridden. Similar to the way fields work. When I have a field in a piece of text, the field has a grey background to it letting everyone know that this is indeed a field and not just normal text. With the labels, I think it would be best to do this to the entire component that is overridden. 
  2. Use a glyph similar to dimensions. The ANNOMONITOR system variable will turn on and off the glyphs that show if a dimension is not associated to an object. This always displays the same size on the screen regardless of the zoom scale of the drawing.

Either way, there should be some way of turning just these glyphs off either at the object level or the drawing level (preferably both).




I also hate the behaviour about the size of the glyphs.

Now we have to do "regen" every time. They are very intrusive visually.


I don´t understand why "glyphs" don´t have a command similar to "DDPTYPE" for AutoCAD point to set the size:

* size relative to screen.

*absolute units.




I would also like the ability to have these "ghosted", so they aren't such a visual distraction.


Were any users' opinions sought for this? I'm not totally against these glyphs but they appear for Notes labels which by definition are amended with different text.


Think I may have to go back to using muktileaders


The dismiss functionality should be the same as profile glyphs


This tool pretty much forced me to turn all glyphs off as they are far too intrusive to work with. If I understand correctly the Civil team just tried to piggy-back on a tool developed and utilized by the AutoCAD team, and it worked for a little while on just the alignment and profile warnings.  It doesn't work anymore though. This label override glyph has made the "all or nothing" setting for these glyphs problematic.  I'm now likely to miss important warnings on alignments and profiles because I need to keep this system setting turned off the majority of the time to work productively.  I think this new feature needs to be deactivated with another update until a better solution is found.


Brian, I appreciate your two ideas. I never use the Annotation Monitor so I didn't even consider that as an option.  Perhaps I will use it though if the Civil team can implement it into Civil 3D labels.


I concur that the all or nothing approach is not good.  I am tempted to turn off all warnings now.  


We need some way of dismissing or diminishing the visual impact of these warnings, like what BrianHailey or others have suggested.  I personally like the idea of highlighting it somewhat similar to fields.


If nothing else, a separate control that I can assign to a button to toggle it on and off without loosing the other alignment/profile warnings.


joantopo is correct:

Add an Options feature to size the glyphs in absolute units.


Sizing them relative to screen is--from my experience--the main problem I have with them. They are quite useful in quickly identifying overridden text in labels, but I don't need them to constantly be resizing and completely obstructing my view of the drawing when I am zoomed out. 


In summary: Add ability to size warning glyphs in ABSOLUTE UNITS


It's been almost 3 years since this "feature" was introduced. I guess the glyph situation won't be fixed for another 10 years?


This not working for you??


2019-06-18 15_55_57-Autodesk Civil 3D 2020 - [L__Tenders_Tenders 2019_E2701 Gordonbush WF_2 Tender w.jpg





I assumed it wasn't fixed since this Idea is still listed by Autodesk as "Gathering Support". Does that toggle only hide the text override glyphs or does it turn off all glyphs?


From help


My idea about being able to export Civil tables (in the same way as a CAD table) was accepted a year or so ago and still cannot do this in 2020...!!!!


Civil 3d is abandoned. Adrift..

Sthey should not entertain any illusions.

Status changed to: Implemented

Which idea has been implemented here, the original about glyphs or @neilyj666's  export of C3D tables?


It won't be mine.....!!!!!


Community Visitor


any one knows what those white dots are? They were left there when ever I clicked to execute a commands. How do i turn them off?

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