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Allow classification of triangles by closed shapes

Allow classification of triangles by closed shapes

I am doing this in my surface tools, so maybe autodesk would like to also.

Imagine the triangles of a surface all start out as "general".

Then you pick a closed pline, and say all triangles within are "water". It would also use the shape to subdivide the triangles crossing, to get clean edges.

Yes, that would increase triangle count....

Allow the user to choose more shapes and classify more areas.

The uses of this would be:

1) allow labels to show the classification name (maybe soil types)

2) allow tools to change the label styles depending on classification (FS in pavement, TC on curb...)

3) allow exploding the surface triangles, and put triangles on layers per class

4) allow coloring of surface based on class

5) allow selection of triangles by class, mayeb for "simplifying" operations on natural ground areas


and more. I'll stop there. Autodesk needs to remember that we use surfaces in other programs, and having them as one big blob is not great.

Infraworks will allow shapes to classify areas, and color, but the labeling advantages in Civil3d would be nice too.

As-is, surfaces have not changed much since LDT, and are not BIM objects IMO. They are too general, like an architect using a rectangle. They do not, they use windows and doors, things that know what they are. Triangles are the minimum data, not specialized at all so not BIM, just 3d things.


......and then the triangle "groups" could be assigned a depth to represent a construction thickness or soil strip thickness which would allow construction volumes to be fact doing what other software has been doing for years....;)


just yesterday, I had someone ask for the triangles for a grading plan to be separated into slopes and pads.

My idea will not implemented by autodesk though, they will not consider changing anything architecturally with Civil3D.

They do not realize that Civil3d and Infrastructure modeler are only interfaces to a set of what should be, external design data.

And as long as they do not treat things this way, they will never develop things worthy to be called Civil BIM.

Its a bit sad to see such an incredible team get pulled into a narrow groove for what must be the most immediate returns on investment.

I have seen so many firms explode all callouts and profiles to get final production done, its just rediculous.


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