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Allow all Style Labels to have Text Size (height) to be set "By Style"

Allow all Style Labels to have Text Size (height) to be set "By Style"

Currently, our Survey template has as many as 200+ label styles for Point Labels, Alignment Labels, Surface Labels, General Labels....  In our template all the labels use the same text style I called "C3D Labels" it was setup this way so if the surveyor wants to use a different font for his survey he can just change the font in the text style "C3D Labels" and all labels will adopt that text style.  The problem is that there are times when the client may ask us to make all of the Labels bigger so they can be read at half size.  This can take a very long time to go to every "Label Style" in use to change the text size in all label styles.  Also be should have the ablility to set the dragged state text size to be the "By Style" and/or "By Component Size" so it will be based on the text size of the "Component State" size.


This small change would allow users to change all the text sizes with one command by changing the text size in the STYLE command. 

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