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Alignment PI Delta Angle in Profile view

Alignment PI Delta Angle in Profile view


It would be good if there would be opportunity to add a label on the profile, which reads a delta angle of the alignment. Now It is possible to read this data from profile view band, but not in profile labels. in horizontal geometry label section there is not delta angle in the list, also impossible to make any expression to create some equation.

it must be same as we have For PVI grade in grade out, maybe we can add tangent in and tangent out for PI or directly PI delta angle.

down you can see the screenshots where you can check the necessary section to put additional feature. on the second screen shot we can see an example of calculation PVI delta angle. 

This will be very useful when designing pipe using Alignment to show up bend angles either plan and profile view.


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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for posting your idea. The development team will review it while other customers add feedback and vote on it.

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