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Alignment Masking, allow for DREF alignments

Alignment Masking, allow for DREF alignments

Often times I want to mask a portion of an alignment in one drawing only. As of C3D2016 the alignment masking can only be applied to the master alignment which propogates through to all Dref's as well. I would like to be ablle to set drawing specific masking(s) for Dref'ed alignments.


Alternatively, allow the current toggles for existing masks to be functional for Dref'ed alignments. These can be checked on/off for a Dref alignment but they have no affect in the drawing. Hitting Apply does nothing, hitting OK does nothing, go back to the Alignment Properties and the checks are toggled back to where they were. By allowing this, we could setup multiple masks in the source drawing then choose which apply, or not, in the Dref drawings.

Agreed! Need masks for drefed alignments!

I know this isn't the spot for this, but I am currently using civil 3D 2020 and have a mask on an alignment that is Dref'd into sheets and the mask isn't coming in through the D'ref.  The mask should come through from the source alignment into the files that it is D'ref'd into correct?


Yes, @Drea_Mueller . It is working as always in 2020 for me.


Ran into this issue today. Allowing the mask toggle for Dref 'ed alignment would have solved the issue. The only workaround I can come up with is to promote the alignment which opens up a new can of worms.


If you Dref the alignment, then apply the masking in the source file, it will not come through to the destination file.


A work around is to apply the masking, change the alignment name in the source file, synchronize the data reference in the destination file and the mask will come through. You can then change the alignment name back again in the source file.

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