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Alignment - HEC RAS Alignment

Alignment - HEC RAS Alignment

Since the dawn of time Civil 3D comes in backwards to HEC RAS when using the Export to HEC RAS command.


To solve this once and for all, add a new Alignment type called "HEC RAS" under Miscellaneous Alignments.


This new alignment type would define, sample and view Sections from Left to Right when looking in the End to Start direction (higher stations to lower stations).


This new alignment type then would be ready to come into HEC RAS correctly when it is selected with the Export to HEC RAS.




I voted for your Idea, but would prefer that  Autodesk actually correct the export function and not create a new type of alignment. If I were designing a channel, I suspect that I would need two alignments that were geometrically the same. One a channel centerline alignment for construction plans and a HEC RAS alignment for export. These would of course need to stay in sync, manually.


I really don't care what method Autodesk chooses to correct this.


It has always surprised me that Autodesk made this obvious error when creating the export to HEC RAS command. While this does not affect all users, is a know issue, and work around and third party add-ons exist, that does  not constitute a correction of this error. Come on, Autodesk, have a little sense of pride and correct your error.


We users identify problems, find work arounds, support other users, then recognize that it is a waste of time to invest more effort in getting Autodesk to fix the problem. It is sad that as users, our expectations are so low.






I've asked and commented for the Export to be fixed over the years, and it just seems to fall on deaf ears.


This Alignment idea would be nice for creating HEC RAS sections looking downstream in Civil 3D for exhibits and presentations.


I see where section views looking downstream would be handy in Civil 3D. That my be a separate idea.


That my be a separate idea...


No, this idea fully accomplishes the Sections looking downstream in Civil 3D.


We also want the same stationing back and forth between the two software. This idea accomplishes that.


...Come on, Autodesk, have a little sense of pride and correct your error...


Right, the Civil 3D Product Managers come off looking wholly incompetent that this defect has existed unaddressed all these years.

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