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Alignment geometry tied to 2D elements

Alignment geometry tied to 2D elements

Something that came to mind: 2D geometry can have parametric constraints. This provides much more control over geometry than the C3D alignment tools. For example the center of a bulb of a cul de sac can be tied to the end point of a road centerline. Likewise the tie in points would need to match the edges of the main road. This can all be dynamic using parametric constraints on 2D linework. What if the C3D alignment geometry could be tied to the 2D linework? That would allow us to leverage the full capabilities of parametric constraints. It could also open alignment geometry editing to basic ACAD commands to manipulate the geometry (i.e. extend, trim, lengthen, etc.)


To supplement the post: when creating an alignment from 2D graphics, there could be an option to create a link to the graphics, somewhat like we can do with the Featurelines from alignment tool.


Why not apply this to featurelines as well? This would greatly improve the geometry editing experience all around.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hi @Neilw_05 . We've done some research in this area. What we learned is that as parametric constraints are added to a drawing, drawing performance suffers.

Is implementing parametric constraints for Civil 3D objects worth a performance hit?


Performance is already a big problem, so that would be a no. I'm glad to know it has been considered but also disappointed to hear this.


Hi @TimYarris 

When I developed my LAM app and I shared it to you the big problem I saw was the ObjectModified() event.

You should start first redesigning that event or creating a new one.

ORD sjpports any element (Microstation or civil element) as linked element using snaps.

Maybe you could limit just for civil 3d objects valid for selecting a linked element.


I have seen "Part Builder" with Constraints for its geometry elements and it is really good.

I think that you could copy that idea.

For example right now I need an alignment (just a single line) like if it was the Diameter of a circle. I would like that the mid point of that alignment was always in the center of the circle and the length of the alignment was the Diameter of the circle.

If I move the circle then that alignment would move automatically accordingly.

You could create "special alignments" similar than "connected aligments" but referenced to other aligments (not always we need a connnected alignment connected to 2 other aligmnments...

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