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Alignment geometry in 2 data tables.

Alignment geometry in 2 data tables.

Currently, if we open the Editor Geometry of the alignment, we have a unique data table with a lot of information.


Here, there is 2 types of data: "input data" such as the through points, and "calculated data" such as the start and end station.


If we get a report, it shows the "calculated data" while if we edit the alignment, we edit the "input data".



In Spain, both Istram Ispol and Clip toolsa softwares, have 2 independent data tables, one for the "input data" and another one for the "calculated data".


In my opinion is better because we don´t have too many data in a single data table.




Maybe, in Civil 3D I would like to show the data table in 2 data tables in the same palette. 🙂

Currently, there are a lot of columns.




this idea is also recommended for the layout profile data table, with 2 separate data tables (one for the "input data" and another one for the "calculated data").


 well... we can custom the columns of the data table. Maybe we could swich the same table hiding columns.


I think that the drawing template should include 2 default profiles (customized columns profiles):

-input data.

-calculated data.




I have noticed that I cannot solve this hiding columns because  in some situations, we can have composed values in the same column (input and calculated values in the same column) such as the Length:



As you can see, the text in grey (disabled) is only for read, so it is a calculated value while the enabled text are "input data".


The solution for this, would be that the data table has 2 columns for each type of value (direction,length, point 1, point 2,point 3,...), for example, in the case of the length:


- column calculated length.

-column input length.


So, I can hide or show the columns that I want.


I think the solution will be this:


For example, for length data, 3 columns:


-length ( input and calculated data )

-length (only input data) the calculated data cells will be in blank.

-length (only calculated data) the input data cells will be in blank.


Then, with hot keys we could switch the custom columns (user profile) in the same data table.


This way, we can show/hide columns as we want.



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