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Adjust pressure pipe fittings by invert

Adjust pressure pipe fittings by invert

It would be much easier to manipulate the pressure pipe networks if we could adjust the pressure pipe fittings by clicking in the properties and entering an invert elevation based on the insertion point of the fitting. Then connected pipes would adjust their invert dynamically based on the fitting inverts at the ends of the pipes.


Right now, I'm having to adjust the pipe inverts, then look at the center line inverts for the pipe and copy it over to the insert elevation of the fittings. And when I adjust the pipe inverts, it disconnects from the fitting since the fitting is held by it's insertion point. This shouldn't happen. If they are connected, then I should just be able to run through my network and adjust the fitting inverts and all the pipes will adjust automatically.


I would like the option of controlling the vertical layout of pressure networks by invert.

I want the design profile to be linked to the invert, as vertical design considers inverts.


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Maybe it's me who doesn't understand the pipe run well, but the second you want to edit with a invert rather than the cover, it seems that the tool pipe run loses all its magic. If you edit a invert, all the links in plan and profile of the pipe run are deconstructed. Why we could not choose to have a profile that defines either the cover or the invert and we choose the right one according to the situation.

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