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additional options for SSM

additional options for SSM

It would be really nice to have the option to add custom subsets. currently there is only custom sheet & custom sheetset.


The other thing that would be nice is having the ability to hard break a title.

I know you can have a multiline attribute drop a string into 2 or 3 lines but if there was an option to make it drop down at a certain point you could have more control.



currently there is only custom sheet & custom sheetset.


What other type are you looking for?


The ability to add a subset custom.


like on our drawings we have

Drawn by: x

Checked by: x

Approved by: x

it would be nice to have a subset custom handle that. right now it is only by sheet and if you don't change it in the main SSM heading a lot of times it is drawn by the wrong person. then you have to go into every drawing in the subset to change who drew those sets of sheets.


Another one I just came a cross is when you have number of sheets in a subset i.e.


sheet X of X


the second X could be a subset number and it would change when a sheet gets added or subtracted.


It would be nice to have a command to close SSM. this would reduce mouse travel times...

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