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Adding automatically targets.

Adding automatically targets.

Imagine that we have a corridor (corridor A).

We extract the "Intersection" corridor featureLine from this corridor. (we will use these FL as a Horizontal targets for another corridor).


Now, we have a corridor (corridor B) which has 2 or more assemblies (the picture below)

All assemblies used for this corridor are equal. (with the same subassemblies). In this example, the assembly has the subassembly "Margen_Expropación_v3"--->One for the left side and another one for the right side.


This subassembly allow us making transitions (width), so we have a Region for each transition.


Every time that I add a new Region with a new assembly, I have to open the window ("Target Mapping") to add the same FL as a Horizontal targets for the new subassemblies.


Look at in the bottom of the picture. (I have drawn a "checkbox" : "Add automatically coincident targets".

If this checkbox is enabled I won´t have to open the "Target Mapping" form again and the text in red will be filled in.





This option (checkbox) would be present in the "Target Mapping" in the Corridor, and in the BaseLine. (if the user want to use the first way or the second way).

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