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Add to Template Button

Add to Template Button

It would be if there was a [Add to Template] button that could be pushed, when creating a new "Style", wether it is a point style or a label style that would automatically add the new style to your template.

Status changed to: Future Consideration

From a CADD manager's perspective, I don't think this would be a good thing.  I think it would be too easy for the users to add styles to the standard template.  I think most CADD managers would prefer to open both the source and the template then just drag the style from the source into the template.


It would be great if every company that uses Civil 3D would have a dedicated CADD manager but in many cases it is not the case.  Perhaps the compromise would be when you push the [Add to Template] it creates a log of the new style and the drawing it was created in so that when the CADD Manager or Template Manager opens the original template they will be notified that New Styles were created.  That notification dialog box could give Manager the option to review / revise the Style before it get imported into the template.

Status changed to: Accepted

If we did anything, this option would only be displayed for templates that the user can write to. If you don't have write permission, you wouldn't even have this as an option.


We also think there should be a set of templates, project, company and state that could be used together. Well not everyone would have write permission to the company template, they may have it for the project template.




Peter Funk
Sr Product Manager
Civil 3D
Autodesk, Inc.

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