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Add "edit profile geometry" in the Prospector

Add "edit profile geometry" in the Prospector

Sometimes I don't have created a Profile View of an alignment so I can't open the Edit Profile Geometry because that implies you must select the profile graphycally first.

Please, add "Edit profile geometry" in the context menu (right click button of mouse) when we select the profile in the Prospector.

Maybe with Project Explorer we can do this but C3D should do it

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @joantopo . 

Thank you for your idea. Would you agree that it it similar to the following item on our public roadmap? In this concept, one would be able to edit a profile in a floating window, without the need to create a profile view in the DWG.


Yes, if it is in the Prospector (context menu).

More than edit the profile is for checking the layout profile ( gemetry in a datatable)

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