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Add "Delete all scales except current" when right-clicking annotative objects

Add "Delete all scales except current" when right-clicking annotative objects

We can currently ADD or DELETE the current scale, or go to the list dialogue, but it would be very helpful to have a way to "trim off" all scales other than the current.  This would probably need to include adding the current scale in case the object is selected while showing all scales and the current isn't included.


Until it will be there, I use Irneb's 'ObjScaleCurOnly' lisp for this, also very effective in case of clearing the excess scales of all objects.


Great idea, but this is a core AutoCAD feature, not a Civil 3D feature.


It will not be seen by the AutoCAD team and will not get consideration by the Civil 3D team.



     I vaguely remember looking for a base AutoCAD idea forum, but must have chosen C3D since there doesn't appear to be a core ACAD idea forum and C3D is the product I use.

If you can direct me to a more appropriate forum, hopefully I can insert a pointer to original location as that has garnered some support thus far.





Yes, AutoCAD Ideas forum does not exist. (The following is from my canned response.)


Your idea is better suited to the nonexistent core AutoCAD Ideas Forum.

Unfortunately, ADESK chooses to depend on the external AUGI Wish List ( for AutoCAD ideas. I find the AUGI Wish List system to be unnecessarily complicated, at best.

Alternately, you can you can post an idea in the ADESK Product Feedback page. (

I have been told that all feedback posts are at least read by an Autodesker. 

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