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Add Plot Style option to Label Styles

Add Plot Style option to Label Styles

I would like to be able to change the plot style of label components. Right now, they derive their plot style from the layer that the label is on.

This is troublesome. Especially when the label is setup to display on a different layer altogether, and it's still pulling the plot style from the original label containing layer.




I wholeheartedly agree with this request. Plotting labels would be so much more predictable, and I would much prefer to have the control available.


When using STB instead of CTB, some label components get their plot settings from the block or object container layer rather than the label's display layer. This is troublesome because I would like to set my default layers for where new Civil 3D objects get inserted to be different layers from those used in the object's display. This would make it so that my drafters won't ever need to bother moving Civil 3D objects to different layers (for example, all Surfaces would always just be on the generic C3D-Surface layer) and I can just have them set the style for Existing vs. Proposed objects and everything will plot correctly.


It would be a very helpful solution to just be able to assign plot styles to various components in the label style editors. The "Appearance When Plotted" screenshot shows that when I plot this drawing, the arc segment components of the label border get the "Normal" plot style from the label's container layer, but the text and straight line segments of the border get printed in black the way I'd want. I'd like to just be able to set the plot style in the label definition and forget about this.


Same idea submitted here:


I would definitely second this and further note that right now the inherited properties vary because its not consistent how subobjects inherit the plotstyles.  For example, text inherits from the layer the label is supposed to be on, while the arcs on a rounded box inherit the properties from the object, straight lines inherit from the layer designated in the style, and the line objects added to a label are inherited from the object. 



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