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Add Labels dialog enhancement

Add Labels dialog enhancement

It would be really useful if a layer selection combo box was added to the Add Labels dialog box.  This way you could change the object layer prior to placing the lable.  The list should also have a "Use Current" option while the dialog is visible.


A usage example for this would be labeling a single family subdivision plat.  We typically place the labels on their respective layers for the annotations of lots, easements, rights-of-way and boundary lines. 



Please add 50 more kudos to this one for the survey departments I support. Use Current needs to be added to Object Layer dialog as well.


Similar to this idea.
I appreciate the difference between C3D objects & C3D labels, but they are similar ideas nonetheless. I fully support them both.


Also, along with "Use Current" there should be an option to "Use Layer from Style". For my use, this would be the absolute best. I would love my pipes, structures and all labels to use the layer specified in the style. I don't want all my pipes on one layer, I want them all different as proposed vs existing, storm vs sanitary etc. Using the layer specified in the pipe style would solve this. Similarly for labels.

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