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Add Elevation Properties to Pressure Pipe Part Labels

Add Elevation Properties to Pressure Pipe Part Labels

Our approval agencies require us to label in plan and profile the top of pipe/part of the pressure system at fittings and appurtenances. It would be nice if there were options to label the inside/outside top and bottom elevations as part of the fitting or appurtenance label. Example:



TOP EL 15.50


I am still searching for a way to do this, but I don't think it's possible without a separate profile view elevation label dragged to the pressure part profile label so that they look like one label.


There are a lot of posts on this forum going way back from people asking for the ability to label top of the part. As one stated, it is the industry standard to design to top of pipe since this is where cover depth is measured to. Where I live we get cold in the winter and cover depth is important. We stake to top of pipe, the contractors builds it to top of pipe, everything is top of pipe.


How about it Autodesk - can you give us fitting and appurtenance properties to top of the part?


I agree with the suggestion mentioned above. The pressure pipe fittings, appurtenances, and pipe label styles are missing text component properties to allow top of pipe or invert labels. Pipes you can choose invert, center, or crown, and then you could write a dynamic expression to label top of pipe. However, this is not the case for fittings and appurtenances. There's only one text component to label elevation and that is "insertion point elevation". Unfortunately, there is also no way to write an expression with the available expression list. No dynamic expression can be written other than a dummy expression where you add or subtract a value to obtain top or inv from the center elevation (but, then you would have to modify each label where the diameter changed, or create multiple styles for each diameter change). Still I think I can probably speak for every water designer (that's honest) in saying that pressure networks are still lacking significantly and sometime more of a headache than they are worth... and why haven't these issues been addressed 7-8 from inception...    


I got it to work by going into the parts catalog, added the outside diameter of the pipe size in an unused field, SDR, for every part in the catalog. I then wrote an expression that calculates the Crown, or outside top, of the pipe by taking the insertion point elevation and adding 1/2 of the outside diameter of the part (using pipe dimensions, not the fitting) as defined in the SDR field. In parts where there are two different pipes sizes, like a 12x6 tee, i used the larger of the pipes. Given that there are hundreds of possible parts used to construct a pressure network it takes some time to populate the SDR field in the parts catalog. SDR is one of the part properties that shows up in the list you can use in an expression, and the expression is then:


{Insertion Point Elevation}+(SDR/2)

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