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Add a PHASE property to any object

Add a PHASE property to any object

I'm making another post of this idea because the previous one got merged into another Idea that has nothing to do with this. Autodesk, please pay attention to the contents of Ideas before merging/changing them. If Autodesk wants to truly think of Civil 3D as a BIM product, then the basic ability to add a PHASE property to any object, both AutoCAD objects and C3D objects, should be implemented. 


  1. This property should be a user generated string and optional.
  2. The ability to change/update the phase of multiple objects at a time.
  3. There should be a way to freeze/hide objects based on their PHASE property and even globally in a viewport. 
  4. There should be a way to search for and select objects based on the PHASE property of the object.
  5. The QTO system should have a way to report based on the PHASE property of objects.
  6. Ability to create tables and reports based on the PHASE property of objects. If this requires Project Explorer, then so be it.
  7. Plan Production Tools should be able to choose one or more PHASEs and create sheets based on what PHASEs are selected.
  8. The C3D labeling system should be able to discern objects based on the PHASE of an object.

For example, a polyline of an existing edge of pavement could have it's PHASE set to "Existing", a proposed manhole structure have its PHASE set to "New", an existing figure have its PHASE set to "Demo", a corridor have its PHASE set to "Phase 2", a feature line have its PHASE set to "Future", etc. 


This would open up a lot of new possibilities in how projects are structured and would fall in line more with how Revit and other BIMs operate. An advantage of this system would be the ability to remove tons of layering that a C3D drawing has in overhead because there wouldn't be a need to have double, triple, or more layers that represent the same feature. I.e., C-ROAD-EOT, C-ROAD-EOT-N, C-ROAD-EOT-D, etc.


Reports could be generated based on the PHASE of objects, thus simplifying it. Exporting drawings for others could be simplified by just selecting everything based on the PHASE.


A structure label could have components styled based on the PHASE. I.e., an existing MH structure with an existing in pipe, an existing out pipe, and a new in pipe have the existing text styled one way and the new pipe styled differently. This is not possible currently. 

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Good Idea

If the phase could be added in layer by style after export I think it would have been great because some clients still use layer as exchange format. This would have been a good example of add information to the object without using property sets. 

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