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Add 2 new buttons in the Status bar: show/hide hatch and show/hide Text

Add 2 new buttons in the Status bar: show/hide hatch and show/hide Text

In my opinion, to increase the speed using Civil 3D or AutoCAD, the software should have 2 buttons in the Status bar.


For example, AutoCAD has a button to display or hide Lineweights.



The first one would be to show/hide hatch patterns.

If we have shapes in our assemblies with hatches (or we have used the hatch command in several areas of the drawing), then we could hide them directly as if they were "no hatch".


The second button: hide/show text, would be useful to hide any text of labels (alignments, profiles, bands,etc..).

This way, we don´t have to change/edit temporarily the label styles and C3D will redraw faster.


Mention that Istram Ispol has a button to convert the text to a basic symbol to improve the performance when we want.


Text and hatch that is not visible is still regenerated, which is where the delay is.  In order to improve performance they would have to be on a layer that can be frozen (which is the difference between layer on/off and freeze/thaw).


There used to be a couple of system variables for optimizing display performance for text.  They've fallen out of use as text just doesn't have *that* much impact on performance these days (even if you're writing a book using TTF font, instead of using MS Word).  QTEXTMODE and ATTDISP come to mind, I think there's a few others like TEXTQLTY which might have an impact.


MicroStation has this in its View Attributes window...


@joantopo We love this idea. Currently it is under review. would you be interested to have a talk on this idea? 



Frank Huang

Autodesk Infrastructure Product Owner


Hi @FrankHuang 

Of course. I don,t mind only my English is limited.

Status changed to: Under Review

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