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Access to scales in band labels

Access to scales in band labels

We would like to be able to access the profile view scales in a band label.


The reason is that as draughtsmen, we have always labelled our profile views (longsections) at the bottom of the longsection below the bands typically for as long as I have been a draughtsman (and that's just on 40 years) and it is not so easy to do this with C3D.  We have access to scales in the PV Style, but to incorporate the scales below the PV Tiitle DYNAMICALLY is impossible.


We are able to have a no-display band border as our lowest band and incorporate the parent alignment as a band title which we also incorporate the words 'LONGITUDINAL SECTION - " to use as the PV title. We use the parent alignment always to title our PVs, so that is always dynamic. The beauty of this approach is that the location of the PV title is dynamic to the addition or removal of PV bands. We'd like to be able to have the scales listed beneath this title but within the band title area so that they also stick with the title if it should need to adjust with the bands.


An alternative would be to include a heading location parameter for the PV Style as "below the bands" with all the requisite adjustments that we have for x and y offset, left, centred etc.


Peter T

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