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ACAD vs Revit

ACAD vs Revit

I would like to see a Revit type slice feature and other improvements in ACAD. I would also like dimension nodes that follow a building in the layout tabs.  I would like elevations that show up in model or plan drawings.  It is easy to place coordinates all over a drawing but I have never figured out how to place elevation coordinates in plan view that are attached to the structure.


I started with machine drawings in 1973.  I used ACAD in 1993 for the first time.  I started drawing buildings.

I shortly learned that ACAD was the greatest thing that could happen for high production draftsmen.  I will write a few things to show that I take this very serious.  I have made a living working with CAD products since '93.


I started drawing with Revit around 2012.  I hated it.  I still hate it.  Not that it isn't easy and fast to draw the structure of a building, it just doesn't even come close to the production values of ACAD.  At nearly 60 years old I draw 3 to 5 jobs for every one job the rest of the company is putting out.  I spend a few days throwing together a Revit concrete structure for the young guys and go back to ACAD to do my work.


ACAD still allows total control of the drawing and I am aware that Revit corrects everything at one time.... but...  It is incredibly slow.


I already have a library of 3d lumber, scaffolds, aluma beams, Castellite beams...  I can build a complete scaffold with all of the parts, turn it into a block and copy and rotate an entire job in minutes.  I create multiple scaffold types and place them under beams and other special areas.  When I am happy with the form design, I explode all of the scaffold types.  I then type bcount and all of my parts are listed for me.  Very little work to get a complete building and the thousands of forming pieces.  If I could then slice the building, I would have extremely extensive formwork design in elevation drawings.


My suggestion.  Build an ACAD product for serious designer/draftsman.  All it would take is the ability to slice the building as easily as Revit does.  Also, most of the "improvements" since 2008 need removed.  Your new hatch is horrible.  Annotative anything is a total waste of time, unless you are purposely dumbing down your new crop of builders.


A few comments I hear are related to keeping up with technology and improvements.  It is a total failure on the part of a company to change for the sake of change, (or to force everyone to buy new, not really going there right now) and end up forgetting to consider can we do it or should we do it.  I would venture to say that this old draftsman can work circles around just about anybody if I had ACAD 2008 available on a computer of today.  I have a 20 button mouse and a 75 function game pad, all programmed.  There is no way Revit will ever compete with that type of control by the user.


Revit vs. ACAD.  No contest.  Revit doesn't even come close to being that valuable of a tool.  Add a decent slice function in ACAD and you will have the best of both.


This is of course my opinion.  I know I am not the smartest person doing this job but I am still passionate about it.  In 2006 one of your programmers told me they never envisioned what I was doing with ACAD.  It takes me one day to draw an accurate 5 story sloping parking garage elevation drawing with all elevations, grid lines and dimensions.  I have never seen anyone do that in a week with Revit.

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