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Ability to Filter Object Snaps from applying to Civil 3D objects

Ability to Filter Object Snaps from applying to Civil 3D objects

I've seen a number of users over the years who leave their running object snaps on in Civil 3D. On some computers, this can create lag in drawing simple linework such as polylines as the running snaps are trying to snap to Civil 3D objects with a lot of vertices, surfaces in particular.


On the Options dialog, AEC Editor tab, there is an Optimize for Speed section that shows Object Snap. I thought this could be a good start, but after reading I was disappointed to find out this is something only offered to the architectural products as the online explanation states the following:


"Under Optimize for Speed, select Object Snap to limit certain display representations to respond only to the Node and Insert object snaps.

This setting affects stair, railing, space boundary, multi-view block, masking block, slice, and clip volume result (building section) objects."

Source AKN 


Please give us the ability for this same type of control over our Civil 3D objects. Personally, it would be nice to be able to add object types to a list below this in which you could set up to ignore certain types of object snaps.



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Thanks @chriscowgill7373  for pointing this setting out to me. Unfortunately, it's for architecture.

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