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ability to filter a dynamic corridor feature line

ability to filter a dynamic corridor feature line

Instead of changing the corridor frequency or convert the corridor FL to static it would be fantastic if we could use also the tool "filter" for a dynamic corridor FL.


Maybe the parameters to apply a filter (basically to erase vertex) to the dynamic corridor FL should be part of the properties of that FL.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hi @joantopo . To clarify: are you looking for functionality that is similar to the WeedFeatures command for grading feature lines? I understand you want it to be an automated property of the corridor feature line, but am wondering if you are requesting the end result.


Hi Tim.

I don´t know what would be the best way:


If  the command "WeedFeatures" also allowed dynamic corridor feature lines OR adding those parameters of the WeedFeatures dialog in the same FeatureLine properties dialog.

In any case it would be necessary a button to restore the dynamic corridor feature line to the beginning with all its vertices.

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