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Ability to create a offset profile

Ability to create a offset profile

Create a profile that is a offset a verticle distance but is linked to another profile.

Say I have a profile running down the center line of a the road but I also need a profile that represents the gravel and subgrade of the road.


Right now I need to copy the centerline profile then lower the profile for both the gravel and the subgrade.

If the profile changes I now need to adjust 3 seperate profiles.

Yes that's exactly what I'm talking about.

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This needs to be implemented ASAP.  So useful, and it can't be that difficult to implement. All of the geometry of the offset profile is exactly the same as the source profile, with the single exception of a simple number added or subtracted to the elevation values.

I use traditional offset alignment/profiles and superimpose them back onto the source alignment, but this is just a half-baked workaround. It can be a little janky, and profile labels and band labels don't apply in the same way on a superimposed object as they do a normal object. (The superimposed geometry is quite different with added points that mess everything up.)

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