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3D PDF Creation straight from C3D

3D PDF Creation straight from C3D

I see you have accepted 3D PDF creation as an idea in the Inventor Ideas Station.

I was sure I asked for thisright when this Idea Statoion started for C3D, but it seems to not be here anymore.

Now it is back.


Currently we have to export to AutoCAD and we then use a third-party product to make a 3D PDF that can be read in Adobe Reader.

I don't like the way that 3D DWFs smooth surfaces as they then don't represent my design properly and DWF doesn't "do it for me" when folk in other organisations don't have the ability to download and install Deign Review but they already have Adobe Rader.


Adobe Reader is pretty standard on almost all corporate/company machines, so can we have a 3D PDF generator in C3D please without the need to export to AutoCAD first.



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No response from Autodesk and anyone else?  Peter, I think this is a great idea.  3D PDF is light weight and universal as long as the receiver got the Adobe Reader installed.  We can navigate the model offline in the field. 




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We're forced to export data to MicroStation to do this where the PDF can also be georeferenced.


Civil 3D needs to be able to create 3D & georeferenced PDF's.

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